MRA Delegate


Mary Byrne

Mary is passionate about football and started her refereeing journey as a fully qualified football referee in February 2004. She is the longest serving Middlesex FA lady referee.

Mary officiates on local leagues, the National FA Futsal, the National Wheelchair Power Chair Football and from 2019 the FA affiliated National leagues in both Cerebral Palsy and Amputee Football.

Mary trained to be a Football Coach and FA Observer and has written competition rules for many different ethnic community groups. She also organised a football fundraising event for the RNOH Hospital and actively participated in a swimming challenge by completing 8 miles wearing 38 different uniforms representing the different levels of nurses, raising over £1,500 for the RNOH Charity and the Aspire Charity. Mary has won the Referee of the Year Award in different competitions and continues to volunteer as a referee at a 1-day Soccer Marathon event for “Tackle Africa”, a British Charity. Mary completed Soccer Marathon number 10 this year.

“If you don’t give sports a try you could be missing out by not gaining new skills, learning to work in a team and making new friends all around the world… the career in Football/Soccer continues…

I am immensely privileged to belong to “The Team in Football/Soccer with no Fans but has friends all over the world”

Always remember if at first, you do not succeed, please try and try again.”