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Eminent Covid Specialist, Dr Neil Bentley gave advice to referees officiating during the pandemic, when he addressed a Zoom meeting hosted by our sister branch, West Middlesex Referees' Association recently. 
His key advice was:
1). Avoid fist-bumping as, in his opinion, it Is almost as bad as shaking hands. It's really best to avoid close contact with others wherever possible, but if you must exchange greetings with somebody else an elbow bump, as often used by Boris while masked, is the best alternative greeting!
2). When washing your hands avoid cross-contamination while controlling the taps.
3). Watch out for being crowded by groups of players and take extra care when cautioning and sending off players.
Neil is currently seconded as deputy Director to lead the COVID-19 Pathogen Genomics Service, which interfaces between PHE and COG-UK to provide genetic sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus for the United Kingdom. This service identifies and monitors the different circulating viral variances in the country. This information in turn aids in the assessment to COBRA on how the country responds to the pandemic.

2020-2021 Annual General Meeting & Laws of the Game Quiz

On Thursday 20th May 2021 at 7.30 p.m. we will be hosting our 2020 - 2021 AGM via Zoom. The AGM will again be followed by a Laws Of The Game quiz devised and hosted by Andy Taylor, our Training Guru and facilitated by Webmaster, Matthew Dyachuk.

This meeting is restricted to Harrow RA members only. Details for registering to join the Zoom AGM will be e-mailed to all Harrow RA members by the Honorary Secretary. Non-members are welcome to join Harrow Referees' Association and the National RA. Details, including some attractive special offers, are available by emailing davidroberts.tv@gmail.com stating your interest in joining.

FA Promotion Scheme 

Click on the link to find out the update for Promotion Scheme due to covid-19.

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Harrow RA is offering the opportunity to join the Management Committee. We have two open posts:

  • Honorary Youth Referee Development Officer
  • Assistant Youth Development Officer

How Can Harrow RA Help?

The Harrow Referees' Association is here to help you through your involvement as a football referee.

Young or old, looking to take the course, an eye on a promotion, being an observer or just wanting to learn and socialise with other match officials the Harrow RA is here to offer support and advice.

In normal times we meet face to face once a month during the season at Rayners Lane FC and offer a number of great opportunities to interact with colleagues at all levels of the Refereeing spectrum. Currently, due to the pandemic, we can only meet via the internet on Zoom.

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We Remember

2020 has been a very difficult year, many people died from Covid-19. We lost two members of Harrow RA, Tony Silverston and Isaac Jempeii and they will be missed.

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