Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join?

Contact our Secretary whose details are on the Contact page and he will give you all the information.

Where do you meet?

We meet at Rayners Lane FC, Tithe Farm Sports & Social Club, 151 Rayners Ln, Harrow HA2 0XH.

What can I get from joining?

  • Support and assistance with your development as a referee from like-minded experienced colleagues who have been there and done that. Expert assistance is available from each Society’s own Training Officer and FA Tutor members.
  •  Monthly meetings in your area for in-service training or with a guest speaker, including Premier League and Football League referees and assistant referees.
  • Guidance on matters affecting promotion, including when to apply and how to avoid mistakes.
  • Access to the members’ area of the Referees’ Association Website:
  • Direct access at very attractive prices to a great range of refereeing kit and equipment at Sporting Touch, the RA’s Online Shop:
  • Membership of a strong national association through your local RA branch.
  • Comradeship, advice and social activities.
  • Representation of your interests at the county and national levels with the full support from the RA should you be the victim of unfortunate circumstances or should you receive unjust treatment.
  • Newly enhanced Referees’ Association Insurance policy for members with cover for accidents, injuries and losses while on refereeing duties (when travelling to and from the game, at the game, both on the field of play and off it; the same applies in respect of attending Referee meetings, training sessions and similar activities. (benefits for Temporary Disablement; Capital Benefits Rehabilitation; Victim Support; Medical Expenses; Dental Expenses; Broken bones; Hospitalisation and Capital Benefits, such as £15,000 for death).
  • Equipment Insurance(Loss Referees’ Equipment, Spectacles and Contact Lenses) and Clothing and Personal Effects Insurance both now up to £350 with a £25 excess while on refereeing duties and attending RA meetings. This includes theft from a locked building, or motor vehicle (items must be out of sight in your locked boot or in a locked glove box – many of these do not have a lock these days).
  • FreePhysiotherapy after you suffer an accident or injury while refereeing, travelling to or from a game or at an official RA Event.
  • Free access to Constant's Legal Helpline: Initial Legal Advice on anything in everyday life that may need help from a solicitor.
  • Free DriveAssist: Motor Legal Accident Assistanceif you or a member of your family is involved in a Road Traffic Accident. In the event of being involved in an accident, you must contact Spencer Hayes Insurance, or 0800 2545404, who will inform your own insurance company about your accident on your behalf and tell them that you have RA Accident Assistance.
  • New for 2019 - 2020: Vehicle Breakdown Cover for a vehicle belonging to a member or a parent for just one payment of £19 (per vehicle) for a whole 12 months: Covers Home Start, Breakdown Assistance, Local Recovery, and Nationwide Recovery. The fee covers two callouts per vehicle registration number per calendar year (so two in 2019 and two in 2020). To extend cover for extra callouts after using those a further £19 fee would be payable. The fee also entitles the whole family to Lifestyle Legal Protection See Page 19 of the RA Members Benefit Brochure 2019.
  • Membership of the Referees’ Association Benevolent Fund just in case you encounter hardship.
  • Free attendance (£25 for non-members) at the RA Development Weekend (Annual Conference) with workshops hosted by Select Group Referees and top FA Tutors.
  • Free attendance at the Middlesex Referees’ Association Presentation Evening.A chance to buy a ticket for the FA Cup Final for your personal use through your local RA’s ballot. Qualify to enter the ballot by attending at least three meetings. Some Local RAs have their own incentives, such as subsidised outings in addition to the above.
  • Free attendance (£15 for non-members) at the RA’s Eve of Final Rally to meet all five FA Cup Final Officials.
  • And so much more!
  • See details on The RA Members' Benefits Brochure 2019-20